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Rate quotes are valid from January 1st, 2013. onward.


We have developed an excel spreadsheet that will help you organize how you would like to place your
ads on - Please download the .xls file and fill in your company information along with
the start date and end date of your campaign on

Start by filling out the data from left to right, Your Country. Your type / placement of the ad.
Your category and your sub-category. Once the information is correct and you are satisfied with the
budget you have selected. E-mail the .xls completed form to with the image ads you would
like to use. The following is a plan proposal for businesses wishing to advertise on
We offer several packages which can be tailored to suite your own personal marketing requirement.
Depending on your industry of choice there are options available for single banner advertisements as
well as side advertisements.

Download the excel form


Banner: -------------------- $30.00 ($1.00 /day)
Top-side: ------------------ $30.00 ($1.00 /day)
Btm-side: ------------------ $30.00 ($1.00 /day)

If you need clarification or have any questions or concerns. Please Contact us for further information or clarification.
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